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Call to schedule a visit to our farm. I am proud of my bees and the natural honey produced.


All-natural: no additives  and the bees are managed without chemicals or antibiotics. We are naturally grown.

Raw: all we do is run the honey through a screen strainer. No heat added. This is full-flavored honey as nature intended.

Honey: one of nature's sweetest delights; honey bees gather flower nectar in excess and process it into honey. Quality honey invokes flavored hints and aromas of the nectar's floral sources. Yum!

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Corsicana’s premier bee and honey distributor.

Ron Morrison, a Corsicana native, career firefighter and bee keeper became a backyard bee keeper in 2010 and started selling bees commercially in 2016. He specializes in raising and selling only Don the Fat Bee Man’s stock. The Fat Bee Man’s bees are known the world over for gentleness, good laying queens and good honey producers.(Youtube, Don the Fat Bee Man) Currently he is raising and selling deep five frame nucs.  Packages will be available in the spring of 2022. Ron is one of three people in the state of Texas that are allowed to sell the Fat Bee Man’s stock. For a list of Don’s keepers visit Dixie Bee

I offer free classes to anyone needing information

on how to get started raising bees.

Locally raised, high quality bees and honey.

Our bee farm

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Home Bees for Sale/Deposits Bee & Honey Education Photos Contact

$85 deposit per package  

Packages should be available late March to mid April, weather permitting.

Total  Price $135

What is a package: 2  pounds of caged bees and a queen, no comb

$90 deposit per 5 frame nuc  Nucs available mid May

 weather permitting.

Total  Price $225

What is a nuc: A small well established hive, typically 5 frames of drawn comb, no empty or extra frame for expansion

Call for information on volume  discount for orders of 10 or more.

We will be selling our raw, unfiltered honey at different venues throughout the year.  We were at the Kerens, TX Cotton Festival October 19, 2019.  Check our Facebook page often for updates on where we will be.  


Thanks to everyone who came out to support us in our recent events.  Check back here to see where we will be in the future.

We invite you to join us at the following events. We will have all our raw, unfiltered honey for sale. Perfect for the holiday season as gifts or stocking stuffers. Come on out and support local vendors and businesses. Honey for Sale Queens $35  (Call or text for availability)
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We are now taking orders for Spring of 2022

Nucs and Packages

we are now taking orders for Spring of 2021 Nucs and Packages