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$50 deposit per package.  Available March-April 2019

Total  Price $135   

What is a package:  2  pounds of caged bees and a queen, no comb.

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$50 deposit per 5 frame nuc.  Available April-May  2019

Total  Price $225

How we sell nucs: bring your own new box.The reason I ask for a new box is to prevent transmission of parasites or diseases from yard to yard.

If you wish to purchase the equipment the bees are in the price is an additional $100 minus the top feeder (add $50 for top feeder).

What is a nuc: A small well established hive. Typically 5 frames of drawn comb with worker bees and  a laying queen, brood, honey and pollen.  


Call for information on volume  discount for orders of 10 or more. Packages Sold Out Nucs Sold Out Until Mid-summer The Corsicana BEE & Honey Co.
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