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What is a nuc: A small well established hive, typically 5 frames of drawn comb, no empty or extra frame for expansion    

How we sell nucs: bring your own new box or your nuc can be taken home in a provided travel box. The reason I ask for a new box is to prevent transmission of parasites or diseases from yard to yard.

If you wish to purchase the equipment the bees are in the price is an additional $100 minus the top feeder (add $50 for top feeder).

Due to the cost of frames, travel boxes, feed, bees and diesel over doubling in price, we regretfully have to adjust this year's prices on our nucs.  



Call for information on volume  discount for orders of 10 or more. Honey Sizes and Pricing

1lb.  $10

2lb.  $18

1.12 lb.  $16

(Small Moonshine Jug)

2 oz.  $2

(Baby Bear)

2.25 lb.  $25

(Large Moonshine Jug)

1.5 lb.  $15

(Comb Honey)


Our raw, unfiltered honey can only be purchased at our farm and the various events we attend.

New Products

1 lb. Creamed Cinnamon Honey  $12

Honey Sugar Scrub  $6

1 lb. Wax Block  $10

1 oz. Wax Bar  $1

Fire Starters 50¢ each  or 3/$1

Honey Straws 25¢ or 5/$1.00

$85 deposit per 3# package  

Packages should be available late March to early April, weather permitting.

Total  Price $170

What is a package: 3  pounds of caged bees and a queen, no comb

$90 deposit per 5 frame nuc  Nucs available mid May

 weather permitting.

Total  Price $250

Temporarily Sold Out

Temporarily Sold Out

For the Season

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